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5 Reasons Why Sailing is The Best Way To Travel

5 Reasons Why Sailing is The Best Way To Travel –  5 reasons why sailing with an private gulet in Croatia should be the choice for your summer holiday 2018.

Sailing Croatia
Sailing Croatia

The Dalmatian coast in Croatia is without exaggerating one of the most beautiful regions in the world. Miles of rugged mountains, stunning solitude beaches, and coves, besides all of this a coastline that just blows your mind away.
One of the 5 reasons why you should travel by sailing is because you can get to beaches and coves where nobody else can come. Especially in Croatia, you have many solitude beaches. When you travel by car or plane, you never ever have the possibility to reach these heavenly places. We all want to be on a beach on our own sometimes, isn’t it?  So sailing is the ideal solution in this case.
The second reason why sailing is such an attractive way of traveling is that of the enormous amount of freedom that this way of roaming provides. You can go wherever you want. No fixed dinner times, no crowded places to have your breakfast, you are free and that feeling is priceless and worth a fortune. This is the definition of freedom and that is a divine feeling.
Escape from the crowd is a very good third reason why you should travel by sailing. When you charter a yacht with your family or friends you can elude from the places which are packed with hordes of tourists.
When night kicks in number four of the reasons why you should travel by sailing pops up.  You step right in the middle of that buzzing nightlife, while other people have to take a taxi or other complicated time-consuming methods. You just step of that private yacht right in the middle of where you need to be. This is a prime time location.
Last but not least, a sailing holiday is much more economically then you would expect. The vessel becomes a home for a week and your transport as well. It seems like this is the best holiday you can ever get…imagine every day fresh food from local markets and directly from the sea, and then you consume this on the deck of your yacht, in the open air, in the middle of the sea.
Traveling by sailing absolutely worth a try.
Dalmatian coast
Dalmatian coast

How to book a sailing holiday to Croatia?

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